Menorca is the smallest of the three Balearic Islands in Spain. It is 45km from one end to the other. Compared to the other Balearic Islands, Menorca is also the quieter of the three. It is better known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters and its traditional way of life.

In Menorca, we speak two different languages, Spanish and the regional dialect called “Menorquin”. However, because of the island’s growing popularity with tourists, English is now becoming an important and common language.

The capital of Menorca is Mahón. Mahón, also known as “Mao”, is famous for having one of the largest sheltered harbours in the world. However, Mahon was not always the capital of the Island; originally it was Ciutadella but was changed in 1722. Ciutadella, however, still remains as the island’s religious centre and one of the island’s primary towns.