Van Gogh is my current horse and probably the love of my life. He is definitely no easy ride but I think that is what I love about him, he makes me work. Although, there are times when I do look at some of the other riders at my yard or at competitions with their “point and shoot” horses and I wish Van was more like them, but in the long run I will be a better rider.

When we bought Van he had just turned four years old and had already been competing at a meter twenty, it is because of this that we think that he is of a more nervous disposition; his previous owner never really took the time to teach him that not everything is out to eat him! It is because of his tendencies to spook at every little thing that my mother and I decided to just turn him out and ride him very little when we first bought him, we figured it would be good to just let him be a horse.

It has now been four years since he came into our lives and he has improved a great deal, sure he still has his moments, but now he confidently jumps over anything (oil drums, logs, even traffic cones!) and is even starting to go on hacks without needing someone to come on foot with a lead rope.