I figured my first post should be about introducing myself and explaining a little why I wanted to start this blog.

First thing first though… Hi there! Welcome to Equestrian in the Med. My name is Gabby and I am a 19-year-old girl who lives in Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands in Spain. I am originally from Cheltenham, England but my parents moved my brother and I out here when I was three years old. I have lived in England on a couple of occasions since then as  a means to get a better education but I am now back in Menorca and have a full-time job at an Estate Agency.

I started riding when I was six due to the fact that my local riding school, for insurance reasons, would not accept any new students under the age of six. At first I focused on dressage but after a while I started to get a bit board so I took a lesson in show jumping and have never looked back. Well except for the times I have fallen off and landed on a jump, that is when I have thought to myself  “if I was still doing dressage at least when I fell off I wouldn’t have to worry where I land”.

I got my first horse when I was eight. Unfortunately, due to living on a small island, ponies in those days were few and far between. When it comes to buying horses and ponies in Menorca, a lot of the time you must have them brought over from mainland Spain or other countries. Anyway, my first horse was called Unic but his stable name was Nick; he was a 15.1 HH bay gelding. My second horse was called Cari, she was a 15.3HH flee bitten grey mare. And my current horse a 16.1HH chestnut gelding called VanGogh (stable name  Van); I should probably mention that Van has an incredibly strong nervous disposition.

Okay, now that you know practically my whole life story; let me tell you why I wanted to start this blog. In all honesty I figured why not share the daily hassle I go through to juggle work and a crazy horse that requires more attention than an actual human child. Whilst also doing reviews, lesson raws and other bits and bobs.